Schloss Ambras, Stich von Matthäus Merian, 1649 (KHM, AM_PA_1505).

The term Kunst and Wunderkammer was first used in the will of Archduke Ferdinand II (1529-1595), here it was written that his collections were to be kept at Ambras. The Archduke had established what is now known as the first museum in the Unterschloss of Schloss Ambras near Innsbruck. Within its walls artificialia, naturalia, scientifica, exotica, and mirabilia are to be seen: natural wonders (rare, unique and excellent things of nature) as well as precious objects, scientific items, toys, or luxury items of the time.
To house this vast collection, twenty towering wooden cabinets were meticulously organized based on the materials of the objects they contained. Whenever desired, the most remarkable pieces were carefully selected from these cabinets and displayed on dedicated presentation tables, allowing for a closer and more intimate examination. Many foreign visitors came to marvel at Ferdinand's collections. Even to this day, the Chamber of Art and Wonders stands as a testament to the Archduke's discerning eye, housing incomparable pieces and absolute rarities that have been kept at this location for over 450 years.
Schloss Ambras also houses the portrait gallery of the Habsburg family. 

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