These fascinating 18th and 19th century prints from China and Japan can be found in the latest catalogue published by antique and fine arts dealer Zebregs & Röell
A Japanese colour woodblock print titled oranda nyonin zu, Dutch woman walking with a child. circa 1817

Titia, the wife of Jan Cock Blomhoff, with wetnurse Petronella Munts holding the son Johannes, and the Javanese maidservant Maraty’ late 18th century

A rare Japanese long scroll, makimono, depicting people of twenty-four nations, early 19th century

A Japanese colour woodblock print, Nagaski-e, titled Oranda fujin no zu (Dutch ladies)

A Japanese two-fold screen depicting a Dutch couple, late 18th century

A Dutch woman pouring a Dutchman a glass of Dutch gin, early 19th century

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