As you can tell from the picture on the left, I often have shoes on my mind and my hair is usually a mess. Even though I might not always look put together, I’m a keen observer and see beauty in the everyday.
Growing up in the late seventies in a medium sized town near Eindhoven The Netherlands was quite boring. I escaped reality in playful adventures and by reading books.  By the time I was 10 I had read most children’s books available at the local library. And while most kids need to be dragged into a museum, my parents always needed to pull me away from art and books. I was never interested in being a princess, I wanted to own a castle!
Lots happened between now and then, but I went to fashion school where I developed my eye for beauty even more. After a few years in fashion, I ended up working in real estate and instead of buying a castle I took the opportunity to work less so that I could go back to school. Now I’m a parttime student at Leiden University where I study art history. Last year I took a minor in fashion studies at University of Amsterdam (UvA). 
In my studies I’m most interested in the function and meaning of a piece of art before it ended up on a museum wall. Moreover, the distinction that has been made since the nineteenth century between applied art, craft, fashion and “high” art is something that I feel no longer applies. What is art anyway?!